Your contribution is fundamental to bring our Projects to reality. You decide, how, how much and when

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Aigua pel Sahel has more than 150 members that, with their regular contributions, allow for the continuity of our Projectes. Your contribution, big or small, is of great value

Buy Water in Natura

Since 2010 we have developed the project Water for Water jointly with Tiendas Natura and Agua Font Vella. In all Natura stores you can find the Agua Solidaria water bottles. For each water bottle sold 0,5€ go to Aigua pel Sahel

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In Aigua pel Sahel, we are all volunteers. A group of people of different ages and backgrounds but who share the same ideal: to join our efforts and bring our Projects to life. Biologists, economists, social workers, photographers, anthropologists, we all are Aigua pel Sahel.