Aigua per al Sahel

Aigua pel Sahel is an NGO established on 1992, without any paid staff or administration and infrastructure expenses, we dedicate almost the 100% of the raised funds to cooperation with Burkina Faso, the country of the Sahel

Water wells in Burkina Faso

Aigua pel Sahel raises funds for cooperatives and rural organisations who are the main beneficiaries from the hydraulic projects developed by these same organisations. We have been building water wells in Burkina Faso for more than 25 years

Raising Awareness

Aigua pel Sahel organises diverse activities around Catalonia to increase awareness about the daily life in the Sahel. We think that solidarity is based on walking together and learning from the peoples with whom we cooperate.

Our Projects

Meet them

Llibre de Fotografies Les Veus de l'Aigua

El Llibre “Les Veus de L’Aigua”  amb Pròleg de Mayor Zaragoza i diverses i plurals col.laboracions ens mostra la vida quotidiana de Burkina Faso a traves de les fotografies de Pepe Navarro

 Textos en catalán castellano y francés