Our Cooperation Project

The wells we build respect the cultural identity of the communities and foster local labour and resources as they are built with materials from Burkina Faso and by companies from Burkina Faso. They benefit women mainly and contribute to environmental development. Our goals are to strengthen the social tissue, gender equality and economical and environmental sustainability



Water Wells

Most water wells are “forages” (perforation) with a manual pump that allows to extract water from depths between 50 and 70 meters. Forages are more hygienic. They are usually made of a concrete floor with a trench and a trough for the animals. The cost of wells depends of the depth of the water table, the materials and the type of pump. Most of wells, at this moment, cost about 10.000 euros plus the foundations


Nearly the 100% of our resources are dedicated to the construction of wells
Water Wells built
Years building wells

Todo aquellos que se han sentido “ mordus par l’Afrique”, atrapados, seducidos por Africa coinciden en en que África les ha dado más de lo que ellos han podido ofrecer y  que, más allá de los inevitables problemas inherentes a las relaciones transculturales, el reconocimiento de la “común humanidad” es reconfortante y reconstituyente, un bien quizás tanto o más preciado que la propia agua.

Mª Rosa Obiols.

Vicepresidenta de Aigua per al Sahel